Grow a lasting positive work environment by giving your employees practical skills they can implement daily to create a positive mindset and reduce stress, all through the medium of organic growing.  

Your staff will learn life-long skills to effectively manage mental wellbeing and reduce stress.

“I feel like I’m able to focus on self-care, manage stress, and feel less overwhelmed by life, work , and health problems. All in all, an absolutely worthwhile, life-changing experience.”

At Blossoms, we’re passionate about the transformative power of horticulture and nature-based therapy. For over ten years we’ve helped workplaces overcome burnout and stress through a structured and engaging learning experience that teaches individuals how to harness the healing power of nature. 

Choose weekly online sessions, or our in person 8 week course in our bespoke built garden.  All courses are delivered by mother and daughter duo; Maureen and Liz. 

“I have found that my mental health has improved spending time in the garden, making me cope better in stressful situations in work”


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