The course was joyous. The group had great camaraderie and were supportive. The girls were just outstanding with their knowledge and love of nature. This should be offered to every member of staff for time away from work.

“This has been the best learning experience of my adult life”

“This course has genuinely changed my life.”

“I will be taking all that I have learnt into retirement and the future.”

“I have absolutely loved the course. Thank you so much! It’s played a role in my mental health recently making a rapid improvement. It’s something to concentrate on and think creatively about and helps to stop negative thought cycles.”

“I have loved my time at Blossoms.  Liz and Maureen are a wealth of knowledge.  It helped immensely chatting about ways to combat stress and re-energise as well as learning how to grow things for my benefit.” 

“This has been one of the best things I have done. I never thought I would get as much as I have out of this programme.”

“This course was the best course I have ever done, and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to come on this course.”

“This experience has been absolutely excellent – inspirational really.”

“I have had a fantastic learning experience. It has helped me live in the moment, forgetting about everything else going on in my life.”

“This is the best thing I have done for me and my family in years.”

“I arrived slightly cynical and am now fully on board!”

“Thank you so much for your kindness – the hard work you put into making everything so interesting and generally making me feel better about the world!”

“This has been the most enjoyable 8 weeks. The group of people I attended with, Maureen and Liz and the beautiful surroundings all played a part. Just walking in the door, I felt like the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders for the 3 hours and I remained in that mindset for the rest of the day. This has equipped me with the ability to manage my emotions. I will be forever grateful.”

“I found this course more helpful than counselling.”

“I have really enjoyed this experience and found it invaluable! I highly recommend to all my colleagues.”

“I have found my mental health has improved spending time in the garden, making me cope better in stressful situations in work.”

“I have learned and developed skills which I previously had not given consideration to.  I will in future use these skills not only to be more self-sufficient but to spend quality time in our garden.  Eternal gratitude for this course”

“I really enjoyed attending this course, Liz and Maureen were incredibly nice and helpful as well as having a wealth of knowledge.  It took me away from my health problems each week and helped me to relax.”

“I feel like I am able to focus on self-care, manage stress, feel less overwhelmed by life/work/health problems. I love the feeling of calm I get throughout my time at Blossoms. All in all, an absolutely worthwhile, life-changing experience. Highly recommend to everyone.”

“I loved it.  It has really helped me to get back into a new normal routine and with a better outlook for the future.”  

“Just summed up as fantastic!  Everyone should have an opportunity to attend Blossoms.”

“Really enjoyed my time here – it’s hard to put into words the benefit of being at Blossoms.. I was reluctant to attend and then so sad to leave.”